Neighborhood and Downtown Landmarks Through a Toy Camera"

by Dan Zamudio

Within the past few years digital cameras have replaced traditional film photography. As a
result traditional film images are now considered “alternative photography.” Digital pictures are
nearly perfect and multiple exact images can be reproduced easily. The compelling images of
photographer Dan Zamudio are created by using the most basic camera (Diana Camera, a plastic
point and click toy), and rolls of 120mm black and white film. Nearly all of his images are
printed in a darkroom, which allows for minor imperfections and direct “hands on” contact
with each print. Zamudio has compiled a fascinating collection of imagery that will be all at once
familiar and exotic to readers. The neon sign in Chicago, once a fixture in the Chicago urban
landscape, and in so many other major cities across the United States, is rendered in glorious black
and white using the most rudimentary technology available, for a nostalgic look back to a bygone era.

This collection of over 60 images encompasses 3 different series ranging from Full Frame Day and
Night images, to an experimental Noir series. These photographs capture familiar landmarks
which are often the final neighborhood remnants of a changing city.

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