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How to Sneak into the Movies

Loompanics Unlimited Featured Author 1999


"This book is dedicated to me for all my hardwork and long hours typing, all the money
I spent on ribbon for my word processor and all the friends I lost who thought a book
about sneaking into movies would destroy their way of life." From How to Sneak into
the Movies by Dan Zamudio

THE NEW YORKER October 12, 1998
"BOUND TO BE BAD: True Crime meets How-To"
By Scott Stossel

Among the various ways of sneaking into the movies, neophytes will do well to start
with the “pay for one, stay for more” method. When the movie to which you’ve
gained proper admission is over, make your way nonchalantly to the lobby, then
duck into the bathroom. Check your schedule to find out when the next film you
want to see is playing. When you see a group of people leaving the bathroom, walk
out with them, trying to blend in, before heading to the auditorium showing your
movie. If there is someone at the door checking ticket stubs, purchase some
popcorn and perhaps a beverage at the concession stand: these will be your props.
Explain that your date has your stubs – that you were just buying some popcorn.
Is the employee actually going to leave his station and follow you into the theatre
to verify your story? Of course not. The tub of popcorn will be proof enough.
Start early in the day and you’ll be able to make your way through the complete
offerings of your local multiplex before closing time, and all on a single ticket.

That’s just some of the wisdom you’ll find in a slender volume entitled,
“How to Sneak Into the Movies.” It is one of the seven hundred books published
by Loompanics Unlimited, each providing detail instructions for activities that range
from misdemeanors to felonies…”

MAXIM April 2000
"HOW TO SNEAK INTO THE MOVIES: You want to see Rocky 26—you just don’t want to pay $9.50"
By Alex Porter

Sneaking into a movie theater can provide you with more than just an adrenaline rush
and two hours of free entertainment. As Dan Zamudio, author of How to Sneak into
the Movies, explains, “Women love guys who live on the edge.” As you and your
date arrive at the theater, tell her, “Oh, I’ve snuck in here before,” and employ one
of these surefire tips. Just don’t forget to bring money for snacks: Eating candy
off the floor will make you look cheap.

Join the family

On opening nights or weekends, follow closely behind a large group or family as they
enter. Make sure the ticket taker tears their whole wad of tickets at once, then enter
with them. Remember, you want to blend in, so leave the black trench
coat at home.

Take it from behind

Sneak around to the rear exits (hey, you were on your way to the Dumpster anyway).
As the crowd from the previous show pours out, you slip in. If an usher catches you,
explain that you’ve left something on your seat…like that stool sample you were
supposed to bring to the doctor.

Flush the usher

Coordinate the end of your first movie for around 6 p.m., when most theaters
schedule their shift changes. Ushers will be too busy trying to get home in time
to soak their faces in Clearasil to care whether you’ve paid for the next show.

Age disgracefully

Order half-price senior tickets in advance from Moviefone (www.moviefone.com).
Chances are the harried ticket taker at the theater won’t even pay attention to what’s
printed on the ticket. If for some reason he gives you a hard time, simply brain him
with your magnesium-alloy walker.

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